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Backcountry Bindings

Binding ETERLE

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660,00 €

This feminine binding gives perfect balance between comfort and robustness. Whether it be on the slope or en route for some peaks, the ETERLE is a pure backcountry binding. You can have a great time everywhere on the mountain, and use it in all conditions. It’s design and elaborate finishings make this binding a perfect choice for riders wishing to indulge in splitboard riding.

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785 g
Weight per foot
1570 g
Weight of the pair
Suitable for: All ability levels
Free touring

Built with a base adapted to women’s foot sizes, the ETERLE binding is solid and light. The ETERLE is different from the FEYAN because the spoiler is not as rigid. It is made with injected plastic and has an assymetric shape tilted forward having the same adjustments available as traditional snowboards. The ankle strap  ensures a good hold while the cap strap guarantees comfort still allowing good reacitivty to your splitboard. Available in S and M, an easy and wide adjustment on the heel-cup ensures perfect adjutment for your boots. Binding guaranteed 3 years. Sold with a 2-part interface, bindings compatible with all PLUMsplitboard interfaces.

Recommendations Compatible with all splitboards with Voile inserts.
Heel Risers 2 heel riser heights (50 mm - 65 mm)
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The ETERLE with backcountry tendency allows having fun everywhere in the mountains and can be used in all conditions.
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